HazidPack - Risk Mangement Software

JSA Programs has specialized in the development of a program that will eliminate problems normally associated with the use of a handwritten system for the preparation of job safety analysis worksheets (JSAs).

Accurate, hazards-based and area-related job safety analysis worksheets

The HaziD Pack program will create accurate, hazards-based and area-related JSAs that are free from errors of omission, poor literacy and/or writing skills and perception bias.

Each JSA will take approximately 15min to complete and will provide both a consistency of hazards identification and uniformity in the application of exposure-avoidance controls.

In the normal user mode you can:

• Create new JSAs
• Recover existing JSAs
• Update an existing JSA
• Print the JSAs you create
• Report new hazards
• Request variations to existing questions or controls

In the manager mode you can:

• Create new work areas
• Insert or change hazards-based questions
• Vary permit and equipment pre-start details
• Apply risk rankings to all hazards-based questions
• Change the wording of all exposure-avoidance controls
• Add or delete exposure-avoidance controls to suit your site's requirements
• Change or vary linkages to the hazards-based questions
• Review all hazard reports and requests for changes of wording

Access into the manager mode is by secure password.

Hazards-based information for supervisors, workers and contractors

The HaziD Pack program is very easy to use and does not include industry or legislation limiting language. It is suitable for a wide range of industries and provides supervisors, workers and contractors with reliable hazards-based information for each job task.

The program is ideal for occupational health and safety professionals and representatives, as well as supervisors. It is also highly useful for on-site contractor and sub-contractor personnel with no knowledge of the full range of hazards, but who are required to complete a JSA for the purpose of avoiding exposure to those hazards.

Hazard identification, comprehension, recognition and reminder software

The major feature of HaziD Pack is that rather than removing the need for personnel to think for themselves, it stimulates comprehension and recognition of hazards by providing work-area relevant and hazards-based questions. In simple terms, it is a powerful memory-jogger that is based upon known conditions, not suppositions or guesses.

The use of a standardised format ensures that all employees can work to the same set of rules, with greater consistency in hazards identification and better application of control measures.

Data capture for JSA's

Data captured in the HaziD Pack program includes:

• Job description
• Job or work number
• Date of the creation of a JSA
• Name of contractor / organisation
• Site name
• Department name
• Supervisor's name
• Contact telephone number
• Persons who created the JSA
• Persons who assisted in the creation of a JSA
• Person who will authorise the use of that JSA
• Job steps to be followed for the doing of the job
• Mandatory site-safety equipment
• Emergency contact and location details
• Permitting requirements
• Pre-start inspection requirements

Aligns to - AS 4360 risk-assessment software

The program includes a risk-assessment feature that meets the basic requirements for AS 4360. The risk-assessment feature allows you to create pre-set risk ratings for the inherent and residual risk rankings for all hazard questions in the database.

All risk ratings can be reviewed and/or changed at a later time. The initial inclusion and subsequent changing of the risk rating pre-sets are all performed using manager mode and cannot be interfered with by unauthorised persons.

When the JSA is printed, two small boxes will appear to the left of each of the identified hazard questions. Each of these boxes will contain the pre-set risk ratings for inherent and residual risk rankings that have been created for each of those hazard conditions.

Easy-to-use, reliable and adaptable JSA-creation software

The HaziD Pack is easy to use, it is reliable and very accurate. It is highly suitable for use by small and large businesses alike, not dependent upon expensive upgrades for the renewal of data and does not confuse users through industry-limiting language or reference to specific areas of OH&S legislation.

The dynamic HaziD Pack program is fully adaptable and always capable of change, meaning it remains up-to-date with workplace requirements.


The HaziD Pack program eliminates the problems associated with handwritten job safety analysis worksheets (JSAs), for industries including construction.



The HaziD Pack program created accurate, hazards-based and area-related computerised JSAs for industries including mining.



Laboratories can use our JSA-creation software to provide both a consistency of hazards identification and uniformity in the application of exposure-avoidance controls.



You can create, recover and update JSAs using HaziD Pack.



HaziD Pack provides supervisors, workers and contractors with reliable hazards-based information for each job task.























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