Take the hurt out of purchasing - we have the following available for hire.

Only have a short-term need for a piece of equipment? Free yourself from the additional expenses associated with equipment calibration and maintenance. Hiring is a flexible, cost effective way to access equipment when you need, for as long as you need.


Laerdel HS1 180px

Oxygen Resuscitation Equipment

Oxy Viva 180px

Suction Devices

Confined Space Gas Monitors

MSA Altair4t Gas Detector 180px

Confined Space Rescue Kits

Confined Space Rescue Kit 180px

Confined Space Rescue Harness

Confined Space Rescue Harness 180pxConfined Space Spreaderbar 180px

Height Safety Harness

Height Safety Harness 180px

Fibreglass Access Ladders

Fibreglass Access Ladder 180px

Confined Space Rescue Tripods

Ferno Rescue Tripod 180px

Evacuation Blowers & Fans


Alcolizer LE5 180px

Height Safety Rescue Kits

Hisafe Rescue Kit 180px

Gotcha Height Safety Rescue Kit

Height Safety Rescue Kit 180px

Digital Message Board Trailer

Message Board Trailer 180px

Carry Wheelchairs

Ferno Carry Chair 180px

Resuscitation/Rescue Manikins

Resus Manikin 180px

Portable Gazebo Shade Structures

Gazebo 180px

First Aid & Trauma Kits

First Aid Kit 180px

Basket Rescue Stretchers

Ferno Basket Stretcher 180px

Spine Boards

Ferno Spine Board 180px

Scoop Stretchers

Ferno Scoop Stretcher 180px

Kendrick Extrication Device

Kendrick Extrication Device 180px

Kendrick Traction Devices

Kendrick Traction Device 180px

Vaccum Splints

Ferno Vaccum Splints 180px

Cervical Collars

Laerdel Cervical Collars 180px

Portable 240v Appliance Tester

Portable Appliance Tester 180px

Training Rooms

Training Room 180px

Portable Urn's & Tea Making Facilities

Portable Refrigerators - 12v & 240v

Portable Refrigerator 12 240V 180px

Office Space

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